G104 - Charlotte Cave

Girl 104, Charlotte Cave


Facemaker Project

Name: Charlotte Cave
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Grade: 12th
School: Bayview Secondary School
Hobbies and Interests: Boxing, activism, church, the ladies

Appearance: For a girl her age, Charlotte is slightly above-average in terms of height, standing at 5'7", with most of her 145 pounds allocated in her muscles and, as she herself puts it, her "awesome rack," a 34B, to be precise. She works out regularly, and it shows. Her red hair is kept short, not more than ear length, and hangs wildly about her head. Her face is a heart-shape, with a slender, nose bent noticeably to the left at its center, flanked by a pair of very round, almost piercingly green eyes, all set above a mouth that is nearly always curved into a smile of some sort. She wears a total of ten ear piercings - six in the right ear, four in the left - and, barring special occasions, prefers to eschew makeup. She has a small cluster of scars around her left eyebrow as well.

In terms of clothing, Charlotte tends toward lighter colors, while maintaining a balance between stylish and practical. She prefers pants to skirts as a general thing, but will mix it up every once in a while for the sense of "freedom" it offers. On the day of her abduction, she was wearing a button-down faux-leather vest over a white tanktop, tight, pastel blue jeans, and blue flip-flops.

Biography: Charlotte Cave was born on May 2, 1990, to Ian and Siobhan Cave, who moved to the States from Dublin, Ireland the year prior. She was the first of six children born to the devoutly Catholic couple, the remaining five all being sons, though when young Charlotte was growing up, they may as well have gone six for six. They tried to raise her, and really, all their children, in as traditional a manner as possible, but they were more than a handful, Charlotte herself especially. She was always the type to come home an absolute mess, covered in dirt and grass stains, and occasionally, blood, which was occasionally hers. It wasn't that she would go out looking for fights; rather, they sort of came to her, with the boys on the playground not taking kindly to having a girl butting in on their activities, and she was too stubborn to back down, something that hasn't changed.

If only to keep her out of trouble and give her a healthier outlet, her parents allowed her to try out boxing when she was seven, and right away, she was right at home. She worked hard, training every day to be the best she could, and when she began boxing competitively in 2003, she won her first bout by TKO in the second round, eventually powering her way to Minnesota's youth league championship. It's distracted her somewhat from her studies, which she hadn't cared for to begin with, but she manages to skate by on a C average, only particularly excelling in Physical Education.

Charlotte makes no secret about her sexuality, being openly gay since at least the start of high school. While reactions from her parents when she came out were mixed at best at first, they have, for the most part, accepted that there's not much they can do about it, after four years of passive-aggression and guilt trips proved less than effective. Her siblings were a bit more receptive to the idea, having looked up to her their whole lives, and not having taken the religion as seriously as Mom and Dad. It's not something she seems to struggle with, saying it's just part of who she is, so why make a fuss of it? One could almost say she revels in it, in fact. Still, she's not callous, quite the opposite; she understands why others might, and as such, she's very active in Bayview's GSA, as well as in St. Paul's GLBT community, and donates a portion of all her paychecks from her cashier job at Target to related charities, volunteering with OutFront Minnesota's education and training program on weekends, with the occasional protest mixed in.

Since she lets out most of her excess aggression in the ring, she's very much a happy-go-lucky type out of it, always wearing a smile on her face and seeing the glass as half-full. She makes it a point to treat everyone how she'd want to be treated, although she tends to have something of a mischievous streak, something that is generally reserved for those she considers friends. While it's nice that she's as friendly as she is, she tends to pour it on a bit too much, to the point that it can be overbearing, or even grating.

Somewhat in contrast to other aspects of her personality, some of her parents' lessons managed to rub off on her, and she is very firm in her belief in Catholicism. While her participation in certain pro-gay rights events can put her at odds with the local churches, she always takes the stance she believes Jesus would, even if not everyone agrees that to be the case.

Advantages: Fighting is Charlotte's hobby. That she can handle herself physically goes without saying.

Disadvantages: Her sunny, optimistic nature can be terribly irritating, especially in a high-stress environment, which could make forming alliances tricky. Whether she'd be willing to harm anyone else is highly doubtful. Additionally, she's never been better than average in terms of intelligence, with perhaps to one right hook to the frontal lobe too many not helping matters.

The above biography is as written by Stark. No edits or alterations to the author's original work have been made.

Designated Number: Female student no. 104


Designated Weapon: Extra Rations
Conclusion: Hahaha! At least G104 won't stave to death! Actually, all things considered, I can see G104 going far. She can handle herself physically, she has more food than the other players, and she's optimistic. Honestly, I think I'd put some money on this contestant!

Game EvaluationsEdit

Handled by: Stark

Kills: Jaclyn Krusche

Killed by: Jaclyn Krusche

Collected Weapons: Extra rations (assigned weapon)

Allies: Petrushka Ivanova, Robert Barron, Sarah Tan

Enemies: Phillip Ward, Jaclyn Krusche

Mid-Game Evaluation: Charlotte started outside the back of the groundskeeper's hut, rummaging around her bag for her weapon and able to hear voices inside the building. Investigating the noises, she found Phillip Ward threatening Robert Barron and Owen Rothschild with his cat claws. Hoping to fool him, she pressed two of her fingers against the back of his neck, imitating the barrel of a gun. Phillip, however, wasn't fooled and spun round, slashing her chest and stomach with the cat claws. Dspite the superficial wounds, Charlotte started to fight back against him and landed several punches on him. She briefly paused during the fight to tell the others in the hut to leave, but Phil slashed at her once again while she was doing this, slicing her face and utterly destroying her right eyeball, leaving her kneeling down on the ground and crying out in pain/anger. Sally Connelly and Petrushka Ivanova entered the building after Phil and the other boys had left, Petrushka briefly tending to Charlotte's wounds, but then as quick as Sally entered she left again, insulting Charlotte for good measure. Robert returned to the hut soon after and helped Charlotte up and together they decided to head to the infirmary to treat her wounds, leaving Petrushka behind.

Charlotte and Robert arrived at the infirmary, where Raymond Dawson, Brendan Wallace, Jaclyn Krusche and Neill Robertson were currently hiding out. Knocking on the door, they were confronted by Jaclyn, demanding to know their names, something which didn't sit well with Charlotte. When she entered the building, she heard a crash somewhere inside and went to investigate, coming across Sarah Tan, who'd just come in from the back and had accidentally broken a medical cabinet. The rest of the students in the infirmary decided the best course of action would be to treat Charlotte's wounds, Jaclyn forcing the male students out the room while she and Sarah did so. As Jaclyn started applying alcohol to Charlotte's stomach wound, the injured girl kicked out on instict, striking Jaclyn in the face. In a fit of fury, she harshly insulted Charlotte and held her weapon out. In a rage at being called a dyke, Charlotte leapt at Jaclyn and repeatedly pummelled her face in, continuing long past she had died. Once Charlotte calmed down, she realised that she'd launched herself right on top of Jaclyn's spear and had fatally impaled herself through the stomach. Knowing she was going to die, she apologised to her parents and to Sarah, and then passed away.

Post-Game Evaluation: She actually got a kill but stupidly impaled herself on G099's weapon while doing so, so much for going far in the game. But look on the bright side, G104! You died lying on top of another girl!

Memorable Quotes:

  • "I'llkillhimI'llkillhimI'llkillhimI'llkillhimI'llkillhimI'llkillhimI'llkillhimI'llkillhimI'llkillhimI'llkillhimI'llkillhimI'llkillhimI'llkillhimI'llkillhimI'llkillhimI'llkillhim..." -Charlotte is enraged after Phillip Ward slashes her face and damamges her eye.

  • "Tell you what, Bobby... I'll keep that little revelation to myself for now. But really? You gotta save something big like that for the people that matter... so tell your parents when you get back home. Heck, they'll probably be so happy to see you alive that they won't even care. I'll even be there to walk you through it, if you think you'll need me. Promise." - Charlotte advises Robert Barron on what he should do, moments after he comes out to her.

  • "Mom... Dad... [...] I'm sorry... that I couldn't be a better daughter. Promise me... promise me you'll forget... that you'll move on... It's better that way..." - Charlotte issues an apology to her family, knowing full well she's about to die as a murderer.


As stated by her handler, Charlotte began as a collection of his turn-ons and grew from there. Surprisingly, her sexuality only came about later.

Charlotte was originally intended to commit suicide by pulling her collar, and Stark had a 1034-word death post written before even playing his swap card. This was changed at the last minute, when Stark realized he'd failed entirely to account for Jaclyn having a goedendag.

Charlotte is the first V4 character to die with a kill to her name.


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Your ThoughtsEdit

Whether you were a fellow handler in SOTF or just an avid reader of the site, we'd like to know what you thought about Charlotte Cave. What did you like, or dislike, about the character? Let us know here!

  • I'm gonna be the first to say that as a character, Charlotte was a failure. She was thrown together on the fly to get a second character into the game, and the result was a haphazard mess. Maybe if she'd been submitted earlier, and had more time to be polished, she could have been interesting, but as it was, she was doomed from the get-go to be fodder and I look forward to her demise, if only to be rid of her. - Stark
  • I'm gonna be the first to say you are wrong; I don't think she was a failure at all. She may not have been fun to write or as good as you hoped, but she was a very good read and had an interesting story. The death scene in particular was great. The way you handled the flashbacks in particular was great. - General Goose
  • My feeling is, yes, Charlotte was definitely a secondary character. That did show at some times. That said, among the mass of secondary characters killed off in the first three days (in-character days, that is) of V4, Charlotte stood out for being actually decently developed and enjoyable. She also had a pretty rocking death scene. So, secondary, yes, failure, not by my count. - MurderWeasel
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