Dorian Pello is a former member of the Arthro Taskforce, the terrorist organisation behind SOTF. He is a heavy stutterer and was a major character in the first four versions of SOTF, where his perspective is often narrated in the flavour texts revealing the fluff.

During version four, STAR attacked AT headquarters and Dorian was taken hostage, alongside the rest of the technicians and Victor Danya himself. However, as retribution for years of abuse from Danya, Dorian turned on his former boss and shot him dead before defecting to STAR; Dennis Lourvey took his place as the Taskforce's head technician. Eventually, however, Dorian tired of helping STAR, and in exchange for enough money to make a new life for himself he handed over all the information he had on the AT and went off into the jungles of Southeast Asia. His current status is unknown.






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