Jason Andrews

Jason Andrews, interpreted by JamesRenard

Name: Andrews, Jason
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Grade: 10
Extra Curricular Activity: Baseball team, 1st Base
School: Barry Coleson High

Appearance: Tall and slim, Jason's appearance definitely warrants his nickname. His hair is of noderate length, and his facial features somewhat resemble a beak (especially with his hooked nose and somewhat pointed chin), his hazel eyes are also hawk-like. He isn't very muscular, but still has an acceptable amount of strength considering his height and age.

Biography: The Andrews family Jason was born to was a wealthy one, but not the richest. Like most of the members of BC High's team, Jason's interest in baseball was cultivated at a young age, in his case his family being the sponsor of the local Little League. Beginning his play at six, in the very league that his family sponsored, Jason quickly found that his aggressive defense was best suited for First Base, and he found many successes on that position. During his time on Barry Coleson's team, he has earned the reputation of the most professional of the team, often scolding his teammates for slacking off during practice or not paying attention during an inning. His nickname, "Hawk", was first coined by David Jackson, who noticed that he protected the first base in a way similar to the way the aforementioned bird guards it's nest. It isn't really known what he thinks of the nickname, though he tolerates it. He was one of the only members of the team who was silent during the plane trip, having been reading a book at the time.

Other: He's probably the only member of the team that doesn't flinch when David pitches at him during practice. His appearance and predatory style of play has caused his teammates to give him the nickname of "Hawk".

Number: Boy #42

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Designated Weapon: Uzi (9mm)
Conclusions: Another baseball player. Hopefully, he learned a few things from that sport that may help save his life. Seeing what weapon he has, who knows what he'll decide to do on the island?

Game Evaluations Edit

Handled by: Slayer

Kills: Jayne Brown, Daphne Rudko, Madison SatomiGilbert Archambault

Killed by: Adam Dodd

Collected Weapons: Uzi 9mm (designated weapon), Metal Pole (from Madison Satomi, only used it to finish off its original owner) and Arcus 94 pistol (taken from the corpse of Vince Samsa, only used in fight against Adam Dodd).

Allies: Stevan HydeWednesday GarciJayne Brown


Mid-Game Evaluation:

Post-Game Evaluation: Y'know, I bet he could've done a lot better if he hadn't lost his cool. As it stands, he did pretty good, but wasn't fit to survive and became just another dead baseball player.

Memorable Quotes: "What a waste of time." -- after brutally murdering Madison Satomi.

"Alright. You stop shooting and I'll stop shooting." -- Jason agrees to a cease fire.

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