User Name: MurderWeasel

Group: Administrator (former)

Versions Active: V4, V5, V7

V4 Characters: Aaron Hughes, Jennifer Perez, Everett Taylor, Kimberly Nguyen, Isaiah Garvey (adopted), Claire Lambert (adopted)

V5 Characters: Adam MorganSteven SalazarLydia Robbins

V7 Characters: Juliette Sargent, Phillip Olivares, Sven Vee, Darlene Silva

MurderWeasel was a V4 and V5 administrator, and along with BetaKnight oversaw the leveling of staff ranks during V5. He has been a member of SOTF since February 18, 2009. He is very good at writing wiki pages. In V4, he wrote the characters Aaron Hughes, Jennifer Perez, Everett Taylor, and Kimberly Nguyen. After Everett's death, he adopted the inactive Isaiah Garvey. When Crash was unable to continue writing in V4, he took over Claire Lambert.

During the plot developments resulting from Liz Polanski's sabotage of her collar during V4, he, along with Clueless, handled the terrorist death squad sent to eliminate Polanski and restore camera coverage in the damaged areas.

He was the only handler to RP five characters in V5 pregame, though only three appear on the island: Adam MorganSteven Salazar, and Lydia Robbins. He's also written a bunch of plot-related stuff, including several announcements and the bulk of the V4 and V5 prologues, as well as the STAR plot in the early V6 announcements.

He remains active on SOTF Mini, where he serves as an administrator.

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