Handler: Ruggahissy

Other Known Aliases: Rugga, Juanita, Rosario, Bossanova, Vicorice, Little Sister, Juanita the Bandita, VG, Mr. Trousers, Vicky Thump, Scanty, "Hey, who took my watch?!"

Member Join Date: June 9, 2010

V6 Characters: Caleb Diamond, adopted Hazel Jung

V5 Characters: Amaranta "Mara" Montalvo , Paris Ardennes , Michelle Wexler

V4 Characters: Nick LeMonde, Ethan Kent, Sally Connelly, Isabel Guerra and adopted Autumn O'Leary and Mary-Ann Warren

Location: This changes so often it's not worth it anymore

Delicious Delicious Facts:

  • Had a self insert named Isabel Guerra. Ruggahissy's name would have Isabel if her father hadn't had a memory lapse and got named Victoria instead.
  • Has lived in 26 different places of residence in four different countries. Hates moving and is sad every time.
  • Parents immigrated to America from El Salvador and Israel repectively. Is receptive to Hispanic and Jewish jokes at her expense.
  • Has a masters degree in writing stuff good
  • Has based all of her characters on real people.
  • Has been to America, Mexico, Canada, Guatemala, El Salvador, Uruguay, Argentina, England, France, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland, Holland, Germany, Sweden, China, Hong Kong, Latvia, Finnland, Scotland, The West Bank and Israel. Was briefly in Costa Rica, Serbia and Nicaragua and as well.
  • Immune to tequila.
  • Was a competitive swimmer for seven years and then a swimming instructor after.
  • Once lost $20 down the underpants of a gay gogo dancer when she was a teenager.
  • Is very fond of some of the SOTF handlers.