Real Name: Jeremy
'Net Aliases: Theseus
Age: 16
Location: United States

V1 Characters: Jeremy Torres, Max McNeal
V2 Characters: none
V3 Characters: Trey Leyton, Lenny Priestly, Neil Sinclair, Corbin Arlen

V1 participant. Theseus only handled two characters during his stint in V1, that being Max McNeal and Jeremy Torres, but Jeremy was one of the longest lived characters on the island, rivaling even Adam Dodd.

Theseus's real name is Jeremy. He was a moderator at the old SOTF board and was a co-admin at the new board for a short time before he resigned and took a long hiatus, missing V2. He Joined SOTF July 25, 2005. During Version 1 he was a freshman in highschool who was on the wrestling team. As of November 24, 2007 Theseus is a junior in highschool and is still on the wrestling team.

Theseus's most memorable character was Jeremy Torres who made it into the final 10 during V1. Theseus has returned to participate in V3.