You might know her as Cracker Jack, CJ or even Clara Elizabeth, but we all know and love Toukan! One of SOTF's resident cosplay artists, Toukan loves to show off pictures of her cosplays, and has even dressed up as her own SOTF character, Clare Shephard. Toukan's been certified as clinically insane after stating publically that she actually likes BR II...and then proceeding to write extensive fanfiction which is (for the most part) publicly available on her LiveJournal. She is a freakishly obsessive fan of the Japanese actor Ito Yuki, the same actor who was cast as Kurosawa Ryo in the infamous BR II which she adores so much.

One more thing you can't forget, though, is that she's so sickly that it's not funny anymore. It seems as if every week she has to go offline due to a migraine, ear infection, random drop in blood pressure, or some other simmilar ailment.

Due to time and health reasons, she has effectively dropped off the face of the planet. Although she hoped to return for version two, she has not been heard from again.