The premise of Survival of the Fittest is simple in nature. Kill or be killed is the only rule. No time-outs, no out-of-bounds, everyone is open game. In a game as primal as this, there are bound to be casualties-of-war. Below, you can find a list of each student who has sacrificed his or her life to the program, which number they were to die, and who killed them.

Death OrderEdit

118th - Chad Munteanu - Shot in the mouth by Jonathan Michaels
117th - Jaime Dibenidetti - Axed by Mariavel Varella
116th - Brittany Ashworth - Stabbed by Paris Persphone
115th - Brad Wilson - Shot in the head by Jonathan Michaels
114th - Dan Birch - Shot in the stomach by Bryan Calvert
113th - Marvin Hendrick - Collar detonation caused by Franco Sebberts
112th - Jameson Doeert - Killed by internal wounds
111th - Gregory Moyer - Bludgeoned to death by Blake Ross
110th - Preston Grey - Stabbed repeatedly by Paris Persphone
109th - Joshua Moore - Bludgeoned by Adrian Gray
108th - Caitlin Evans - Spontaneously combusted
107th - Jin Li-Jen - Stabbed by Walter Smith
106th - Tanesha Lexx - Remained in a Danger Zone
105th - Kasumi White - Remained in a Danger Zone
104th - Laura Diesen - Slit her wrists
103rd - Randy Blailocke - Remained in a Danger Zone
102nd - Jordan McKiernan - Shot by Bryan Calvert
101st - Lester Treskington - Stabbed by Garry Dodd
100th - Mary-Anne Robinson - Shot by Harry Constantine
99th - Wanda Lovett - Pulled her collar
98th - Darren Oaklan - Stabbed by Paris Persphone
97th - Matthew Lafferty - Killed with a syringe by Andi Ayala
96th - Eric Silvstedt - Accidentally impaled by Ricky Callahan
95th - Nessy Guthrie - Shot by Steven Smith
94th - Jonathan Michaels - Stabbed by Brandon Cuthbert
93rd - Christian Cohen - Eviscerated by Brandon Cuthbert
92nd - Melanie DeSilva - Pushed off a cliff by Debrah Dollop
91st - Lance Adams - Impaled by Marimar Perez
90th - Nich Finlayson - Stabbed by Mariavel Varella
89th - Sylvea Hill - Stabbed by Vesa Turunen
88th - Derrin Istoli - Shot by Chiaki Takao
87th - Zachary Foreman - Shot by Bryan Calvert
86th - Okalani Shimane - Remained in a Danger Zone
85th - Jackie Kovacs - Died from wounds inflicted by Felix Travertil
84th - Stacy Holorson - Crushed by debris, caused by Franco Sebberts
83rd - Adrian Gray - Fell from dam
82nd - Alexander Bee - Collar detonated by Danya
81st - Gigi Sinclaire - Incinerated in explosion
80th - Satoru Kamui - Incinerated in explosion
79th - Anthony Ainsworth - Bluedgeoned by Penelope Withers
78th - Kyle Rizea - Beaten by Bryan Calvert
77th - Jack Russell - Stabbed by Mai Oshinari
76th - Mai Oshinari - Slit her own throat
75th - Lavender Heart - Died from wounds caused by Stephanie Crew
74th - Annabelle Buchannon - Remained in a Danger Zone
73rd - Russ Gofis - Caught in a Danger Zone
72nd - Adam Amato - Shot by Brandon Cuthbert
71st - Brandon Cuthbert - Shot by Sera Wingfield
70th - Edgar Judah - Killed with a syringe by Dan Johnson
69th - Andrew Ponikarovsky - Bled out
68th - Alex Ovechkin - Shot by Mariavel Varella
67th - Rupert Stockton - Shot by Mariavel Varella
66th - Alice Nichols - Stabbed by Roland Kelly
65th - Shae Arnav - Axed in the head by Bryan Calvert
64th - Steven Smith - Throat slit by Matthew Drew
63rd - Andrew Swainson - Stabbed by Peter Rosenthal
62nd - Eli McConnell - Curb-stomped by Damien Carter-Madison
61st - Lee-Ann Collier - Pulled her collar
60th - Deliah Dollop - Axed by Debrah Dollop

-- This is the halfway mark of the game.--

59th - Sarah Dao - Shot by Robert Adams
58th - Seth Malvice - Shot by Mariavel Varella
57th - Walter Smith - Shot by Mariavel Varella
56th - Burton Harris - Remained in a Danger Zone
55th - An Linh Tuan - Died of shrapnel wounds caused by Blake Ross
54th - John Matthews - Shot by Felix Travertil
53rd - Maggie Heartgreeder - Electrocuted by downed powerline
52nd - Cathalie Meguro - Shot by Franco Sebberts
51st - Mitch Gunther - Shot by Franco Sebberts
50th - Sam Sorenson - Axed by Huy Tran
49th - Jenna Cassidy - Stabbed by Stephanie Crew
48th - Mihiro Duli - Blown up by Roland Kelly
47th - Kristey Burrowell - Stabbed by Damien Carter-Madison
46th - Harry Constantine - Shot by Bryan Calvert
45th - Ernest Decarteret - Beheaded by Marimar Perez
44th - Michael Neely - Shot by Mariavel Varella
43rd - Marimar Perez - Stabbed by Carmen Somerset
42nd - Carmen Somerset - Shot by Mariavel Varella
41st - Venus Gwendolyn - Stabbed herself
40th - Licinia Vinici - Stabbed by Paris Persphone
39th - Nathan Godwin - Shot by Franco Sebberts
38th - Stephanie Crew - Shot herself
37th - Penelope Withers - Shot by Elizabeth Ebert
36th - Matthias Kovalenko - Shot by Mariavel Varella
35th - Dan Johnson - Electrocuted by Roland Kelly
34th - Debrah Dollop - Axed by Vesa Turunen
33rd - Chiaki Takao - Shot by Franco Sebberts
32nd - Kevin Kapustiak - Shot by Robert Adams
31st - Paris Persphone - Jumped off hospital roof
30th - Zilya Merchenkov - Incinerated in explosion
29th - John Davies - Incinerated in explosion
28th - Garry Dodd - Shot by Damien Carter-Madison
27th - Ali Grayston - Incinerated in explosion
26th - Gregg Archer - Incinerated in explosion
25th - Andi Ayala - Shot by Peter Rosenthal
24th - Peter Rosenthal - Suicide via gunshot
23rd - Felix Travertil - Kicked off the Hotel by Bryan Calvert
22nd - Seth Mattlock - Shot by Bryan Calvert
21st - Kayla Ravoy - Shot by Matthew Drew
20th - Huy Tran - Axed by Anna Dibenidetti
19th - Anna Dibenidetti - Suicide via gunshot
18th - Roland Kelly - Shot by Damien Carter-Madison
17th - Matthew Drew - Shot by Sera Wingfield
16th - Gail Smith - Shot by Sera Wingfield
15th - Sera Wingfield - Shot by Gail Smith
14th - Justin Moore - Killed by broken neck and collar detonation
13th - Franco Sebberts - Crushed by debris
12th - Blake Ross - Crushed by debris
11th - Horace Malcolm - Crushed by debris
10th - Jana Brown - Shot by Robert Adams
9th - Robert Adams - Suicide via gunshot
8th - Elizabeth Ebert - Shot by Mariavel Varella
7th - Vesa Turunen - Bled out from wounds inflicted by Damien Carter-Madison
6th - Damien Carter-Madison - Bled out from wounds inflicted by Mariavel Varella
5th - Tori Johnson - Shot by Mariavel Varella
4th - Whitney Acosta - Shot by Bryan Calvert
3rd - Ricky Callahan - Shot himself
RUNNER UP - Mariavel Varella - Bludgeoned by Bryan Calvert
WINNER - Bryan Calvert

Kill RankingsEdit

12 Kills:
Mariavel Varella (Jaime Dibenidetti, Nich Finlayson, Alex Ovechkin, Rupert Stockton, Seth Malvice, Walter Smith, Michael Neely, Carmen Somerset, Matthias Kovalenko, Elizabeth Ebert, Damien Carter-Madison, Tori Johnson)
10 Kills:
Bryan Calvert (Dan Birch, Jordan McKiernan, Zachary Foreman, Kyle Rizea, Shae Arnav, Harry Constantine, Felix Travertil, Seth Mattlock, Whitney Acosta, Mariavel Varella)
6 Kills:
Franco Sebberts (Marvin Hendrick, Stacy Holorson, Cathalie Meguro, Mitch Gunther, Nathan Godwin, Chiaki Takao)
5 Kills:
Damien Carter-Madison (Eli McConnell, Kristey Burrowell, Garry Dodd, Roland Kelly, Vesa Turunen)
4 Kills:
Paris Persphone (Brittany Ashworth, Preston Grey, Darren Oaklan, Licinia Vinici)
3 Kills:
Brandon Cuthbert (Jonathan Michaels, Christian Cohen, Adam Amato)
Roland Kelly (Alice Nichols, Mihiro Duli, Dan Johnson)
Sera Wingfield (Brandon Cuthbert, Matthew Drew, Gail Smith)
Rob Adams (Sarah Dao, Kevin Kapustiak, Jana Brown)
2 Kills:
Jonathan Michaels (Chad Munteanu, Brad Wilson)
Debrah Dollop (Melanie DeSilva, Deliah Dollop)
Blake Ross (Gregory Moyer, An Linh Tuan)
Felix Travertil (Jackie Kovacs, John Matthews)
Stephanie Crew (Lavender Heart, Jenna Cassidy)
Marimar Perez (Lance Adams, Ernest Decarteret)
Vesa Turunen (Sylvea Hill, Debrah Dollop)
Peter Rosenthal (Andrew Swainson, Andi Ayala)
Matthew Drew (Steven Smith, Kayla Ravoy)
1 Kill:
Adrian Gray (Joshua Moore)
Walter Smith (Jin Li-Jen)
Garry Dodd (Lester Treskington)
Harry Constantine (Mary-Anne Robinson)
Andi Ayala (Matthew Lafferty)
Ricky Callahan (Eric Silvstedt)
Steven Smith (Nessy Guthrie)
Chiaki Takao (Derrin Istoli)
Penelope Withers (Anthony Ainsworth)
Mai Oshinari (Jack Russell)
Dan Johnson (Edgar Judah)
Huy Tran (Sam Sorenson)
Carmen Somerset (Marimar Perez)
Elizabeth Ebert (Penelope Withers)
Anna Dibenidetti (Huy Tran)
Gail Smith (Sera Wingfield)
Suicides/Accidents/Collar Detonations:
Jameson Doeert (Internal wounds)
Caitlin Evans (Spontaneous combustion)
Tanesha Lexx (Collar detonation)
Kasumi White (Collar detonation)
Laura Diesen (Slit own wrists)
Randy Blailocke (Collar detonation)
Wanda Lovett (Suicide through collar detonation)
Okalani Shimane (Collar detonation)
Adrian Gray (Fell from dam)
Alexander Bee (Collar detonation)
Gigi Sinclaire (Incinerated)
Satoru Kamui (Incinerated)
Mai Oshinari (Slit own throat)
Annabelle Buchannon (Collar detonation)
Russ Gofis (Collar detonation)
Andrew Ponikarovsky (Blood Loss)
Lee-Ann Collier (Suicide through collar detonation)
Burton Harris (Collar detonation)
Maggie Heartgreeder (Electrocuted)
Venus Gwendolyn (Stabbed self in stomach)
Stephanie Crew (Shot self in head)
Paris Persphone (Jumped off Hospital roof)
Zilya Merchenkov (Incinerated)
John Davies (Incinerated)
Ali Grayston (Incinerated)
Gregg Archer (Incinerated)
Peter Rosenthal (Shot self in head)
Anna Dibenidetti (Shot self in heart)
Justin Moore (Broken neck/collar explosion)
Franco Sebberts (Crushed by debris)
Blake Ross (Crushed by debris)
Horace Malcolm (Crushed by debris)
Rob Adams (Shot self in heart)
Ricky Callahan (Shot self in head)