The premise of Survival of the Fittest is simple in nature. Kill or be killed is the only rule. No time-outs, no out-of-bounds, everyone is open game. In a game as primal as this, there are bound to be casualties-of-war. Below, you can find a list of each student who has sacrificed his or her life to the program, which number they were to die, and who killed them.

The following is a list of everyone who has died thus far in SOTF version 4 in the order they died and how they were killed. This page is constantly updated as more students are killed so check back often.

Death OrderEdit

276th - Remi Pierce - Collar detonated due to tampering
275th - Dallas Reynolds - Collar detonated due to tampering
274th - Warren Brown - Shot in the chest by Omar Burton
273rd - Eric Lorenz - Pushed down a hill by Alex Rasputin
272nd - Reika Ishida - Shot in the chest by Kris Hartmann
271st - Chris Davidson - Shot in the face by Clio Gabriella
270th - Sally Connelly - Stabbed in the throat by Reiko Ishida
269th - Cyrille LaBlanche - Blood loss from being stabbed by Reiko Ishida
268th - Daniel Vaughan - Suffocated/immolated by a molotov cocktail thrown by Nick Reid
267th - Petrushka Ivanova - Shot in the heart by Clio Gabriella
266th - Megan Nelson - Mauled by a bear
265th - Everett Taylor - Beaten to death by Janet Binachi
264th - Keith Christoph - Beaten to death by Ivan Kuznetsov
263rd - Paige Strand - Shot in the stomach by Rob Jenkins
262nd - Robert Lerger - Eviscerated by Alex Rasputin
261st - Brent Shanahan - Blown up by Staffan Kronwall
260th - Alicia Murazek - Strangled by Staffan Kronwall
259th - Maria Santiago - Neck slashed by Jackie Broughten
258th - Tony Russo - Axed in the head by Colin Falcone
257th - Amber Whimsy - Shot in the chest by Kris Hartmann
256th - Dawne Jiang - Deliberately remained in a Danger Zone
255th - Rose Codreanu - Accidentally remained in a Danger Zone
254th - Tobias Elwin - Stabbed through the neck by Reiko Ishida
253rd - Raina Morales - Kicked to death by Reiko Ishida
252nd - Eva Lancaster - Shot in the heart by R.J. Lowe
251st - Augustus MacDougal - Strangled to death by Maxwell Lombardi
250th - Harold Fisher - Shot in the head by Maxwell Lombardi
249th - Frankie Watson - Repeatedly stabbed by Ericka Bradley
248th - Eve Walker-Luther - Repeatedly stabbed by Sarah Atwell
247th - Francine Moreau - Incinerated by Maria Graham
246th - Steve Barnes - Beheaded by Hayley Kelly
245th - Jaclyn Krusche - Beaten to death by Charlotte Cave
244th - Charlotte Cave - Impaled by Jaclyn Krusche
243rd - Theo Behr - Stabbed with a rock by Rachel Gettys
242nd - Chadd Crossen - Collar detonated due to impact
241st - Jonathan Jarocki - Shot in the chest by Madeleine Smith
240th - Vanessa Struthers - Blood loss from being shot in the back by David Matson
239th - Tom Guthrie - Head repeatedly smashed into wall by Nick Reid
238th - Violetta Lindsberg - Suicide via collar detonation
237th - Trevor Duncan - Shot in the collar by William Hearst
236th - Scott McGregor - Shot repeatedly by Raidon Naoko
235th - Hermione Miller - Suicide via collar detonation
234th - Vera Osborne - Shot in the eye by Maxwell Lombardi
233rd - Albert Lions - Shot in the abdomen by Kris Hartmann
232nd - Samaya Boen-Hilstrand - Bitten by a venomous snake
231st - Jackson Ockley - Shot in the eye by Ilario Fiametta III
230th - Cody Jenkins - Shot multiple times by Maxwell Lombardi
229th - Max Neill - Throat crushed by Quincy Jones
228th - Janet Victoriee-Ser - Fell into a river and drowned
227th - Miranda Merchant - Stabbed in the neck by Sarah Atwell
226th - Edward Belmont - Head pierced by rock after being bludgeoned by Rachel Gettys
225th - James Mulzet - Beheaded by Hayley Kelly
224th - Charles Dawson - Shot multiple times by Clio Gabriella
223rd - Daniel Kensrue - Shot through the eye by Claire Lambert
222nd - Deidre Paul - Drowned
221st - Simon Fletcher - Shot with an arrow by Samantha Ridley
220th - Brock Mason - Shot by rigged sniper rifle
219th - Dominic Stratford - Died from wounds inflicted by Alexander Seymour
218th - Daniel Blessing - Shot and beaten by Maxwell Lombardi
217th - Luke Templeton - Shot in the chest and head by Clio Gabriella
216th - Katelyn Wescott - Neck slashed by Cisco Vasquez
215th - Omar Burton - Throat slashed by Julian Avery
214th - Craig Hoyle - Shot in the abdomen by Nik Kronwall
213th - Owen Rothschild - Axed in the head by Fiona Sparki
212th - Lucas Lupradio - Neck slashed by Peter Siu
211th - Robert Herrmann - Drowned
210th - Simon Grey - Shot multiple times by Maxwell Lombardi
209th - Hilary Strand - Suicide via gunshot, assisted by Leila Langford
208th - Lily Maclaughlin - Neck slashed by Jacqueline Myrie
207th - Rekka Saionji - Kicked to death by R.J. Lowe
206th - Christopher Carlson - Stabbed in the chest by Sarah Atwell
205th - Lily Ainsworth - Suicide via strangulation/collar detonation
204th - Ethan Kent - Collar detonated for camera tampering
203rd - Jackie Maxwell - Shot with an arrow by Samantha Ridley
202nd - Etain Brennan - Shot multiple times by Ilario Fiametta III
201st - David Anderson - Nose shattered into brain via headbutt by Nick Reid
200th - Daisuke Nagazawa - Collar detonated by Mr. Kwong, under Danya's orders
199th - Tiffany Baker - Shot in the chest by Jason Harris
198th - Alison Walworth - Shot by Raidon Naoko
197th - Maddy Stone - Shot multiple times by Raidon Naoko
196th - Rizzo Vitoria - Shot by Reiko Ishida
195th - Carol Burke - Strangled to death by Reiko Ishida
194th - Carly Dooley - Hit round the head by Sebastian Decartes
193rd - Haruka Watanabe - Shot and stabbed by Clio Gabriella
192nd - Phillip Ward - Bludgeoned to death by Jimmy Brennan
191st - Jake Crimson - Hit head on a cinderblock after being pushed over by Garry Villette
190th - Lucy Ashmore - Collar detonated by Danya
189th - Alex Rasputin - Collar detonated by Danya
188th - Trent Hunter - Collar detonated by Danya
187th - William Sears - Bludgeoned by Nick Reid
186th - Darren Locke - Blown up by Staffan Kronwall
185th - Staffan Kronwall - Axed in the chest by Fiona Sparki
184th - Evelyn Reed - Shot by Staffan Kronwall
183rd - Nik Kronwall - Shot by Staffan Kronwall
182nd - Marybeth Witherspoon - Shot multiple times by Maxwell Lombardi and Clio Gabriella
181st - Isaiah Garvey - Beaten to death by Ricky Fortino
180th - Jimmy Robertson - Shot in the stomach by Reiko Ishida
179th - Roman Jackson - Suffocated by Acacia Salinger
178th - John Smith - Shot by Sofia Martelli
177th - Marco Stonecastle - Shot in the back and kneecaps by Maxwell Lombardi
176th - Richard Han - Fell to death from mountain
175th - Duncan McMahon - Shot multiple times in the back by Maxwell Lombardi
174th - Jennifer Romita - Shot in the head by Hayley Kelly
173rd - Timothy Skula - Head trauma after being shot by Ilario Fiametta III
172nd - Michelle O'Cain - Shot by Marty Lovett
171st - Clio Gabriella - Shot by Tabi Gweneth
170th - Raine Schwarz - Shot by Liam Brooks
169th - Ridley Landon - Shot in the chest by Liam Brooks
168th - Victoria Logan - Shot by Raidon Naoko
167th - Jacob Charles - Shot by Raidon Naoko
166th - Jason Clarke - Shot in the chest by Hayley Kelly
165th - Lillian Hayes - Shot by Rob Jenkins
164th - Ben Powell - Shot by Courtney Bradley
163rd - Alexander Seymour - Trapped in Danger Zone by Remy Kim
162nd - Feo Smith - Remained in a Danger Zone
161st - Tyler Franklin - Beaten to death by Simon Telamon
160th - Colin Falcone - Bled to death from wounds inflicted by Liam Brooks
159th - Kayla McArthur - Collar detonated when struck in the neck by Sebastian Decartes
158th - Johnathan McDowell - Impaled by Kayla McArthur
157th - Sebastian Decartes - Shot by Felicia Carmichael
156th - Cassidy Wakemore - Shot and stabbed by Maxwell Lombardi
155th - Joshua Krakowski - Shot by Quincy Jones
154th - Kyle Portman - Shot by Charlene Norris
153rd - Logan Reynolds - Shot multiple times by William Davis
152nd - Marion Summers - Shot in the heart by William Davis
151st - William Davis - Stabbed in the neck by Rhory Anne Broderick
150th - Mike Jeffries - Stabbed by Nick LeMonde
149th - Aislyn McCreery - Stabbed by Kimberly Nguyen
148th - Sofia Martelli - Suicide via collar detonation
147th - Andrew Mitchell - Shot to death by Hayley Kelly
146th - Courtney Bradley - Intentionally ran into a Danger Zone
145th - Janet Claymont - Impaled by Kris Hartmann
144th - Kevin Harding - Impaled by Maxwell Lombardi
143rd - Jamie Li - Stabbed by Ericka Bradley
142nd - Jessie Anderson - Eviscerated by Peter Siu
141st - Carla Conners - Collar detonated by Danya
140th - William Hearst - Stabbed by Alex White
139th - Rena Peters - Stabbed by Alex White

==This is the halfway point in the game==

138th - JJ Sturn - Shot by Jimmy Brennan
137th - David Matson - Bludgeoned by Janet Binachi
136th - Kari Nichols - Shot by Stacy Hart
135th - Stacy Hart - Shot by Kari Nichols
134th - Remy Kim - Shot by Ericka Bradley
133rd - Gloria Benson - Bludgeoned by George Leidman
132nd - Sarah Atwell - Throat cut by Alice Boucher
131st - Marty Lovett - Stabbed in the heart by Nick Reid
130th - Vivien Morin - Bludgeoned to death by Liam Brooks
129th - Mia Kuiper - Impaled on a tree by Bridget Connolly
128th - Steven Hunt - Bled out from wounds inflicted by Brendan Wallace
127th - Roland Harte - Stabbed in the stomach by Raidon Naoko
126th - Rein Bumgarner - Crushed by falling boxes
125th - Gary Griffith - Crushed by falling boxes
124th - Madelyn Prowers - Suicide via collar detonation
123rd - Robert "Rob" Jenkins - Bludgeoned to death by Orpheus Campbell
122nd - Orpheus Campbell - Died from wounds caused by Robert "Rob" Jenkins
121st - R.J. Lowe - Complications from untreated appendicitis
120th - Kevin Warick - Shot by Ilario Fiametta III
119th - Winnie Clark - Remained in a Danger Zone
118th - Dustin Royal - Strangled by George Leidman
117th - Sapphire McLeod - Shot by Ema Ryan
116th - Tiffany Chanders - Shot in the heart by Felicia Carmichael
115th - Liz Polanski - Shot by terrorist Matt Richards
114th - Sierra Manning - Suffocated by Josie Vernon
113th - Maxwell Crowe - Shot with a crossbow by Teo Weinstock
112th - Alexander Campbell - Died from infected wounds
111th - Ricky Fortino - Remained in a Danger Zone
110th - Rashid Hassan - Shot by Harun Kemal
109th - Mirabelle Nesa - Shot by terrorist Josh Baines
108th - Tim Questiare - Impaled by George Leidman
107th - Ash Morrison - Pushed down a hill by Alice Blake
106th - Jacquard Broughten - Shot by Peter Siu
105th - Mike Maszer - Throat slashed by Joe Rios
104th - Francesca Fiametta - Remained in a Danger Zone
103rd - Alan Rickhall - Slashed in the stomach by Joe Rios
102nd - David Meramac - Entered a Danger Zone
101st - Milo Taylor - Collar detonation as a result of tampering by Aileen Borden
100th- Melissa Li - Collar detonation as a result of tampering by Nick Reid
99th - Dave Morrison - Died of dehydration
98th - Örn Ayers - Shot in the back by Liam Brooks
97th - Adrian Staib - Shot by Samantha Ridley
96th - Maria Graham - Died from infected wounds
95th - Annaliese Hansen - Shot by Alex White
94th - Rosa Fiametta - Stabbed by Alex White
93rd - Nick Reid - Impaled by Maf Tuigamala
92nd - Micheal Raynor - Bludgeoned to death by Kitty Gittschall
91st - Jasper-Declan MacDermott - Collar detonation for straying out of bounds
90th - Roland Hayes - Blown up by Kris Hartmann
89th - Gracie Wainright - Bludgeoned to death by Simon Telamon
88th - Charlene Norris - Shot by Hayley Kelly
87th - Helen Wilson - Died from blood loss
86th - Jacqueline Myrie - Successfully escaped the island
85th - Samantha Ridley - Successfully escaped the island
84th - Joss Joiner - Successfully escaped the island
83rd - Alice Blake - Successfully escaped the island
82nd - Peter McCue - Successfully escaped the island
81st - Yelizaveta "Bounce" Volkova - Successfully escaped the island
80th - Alexandria "Alex" Jackson - Successfully escaped the island
79th - Raymond Dawson - Successfully escaped the island
78th - Kaitlin Anderheim - Successfully escaped the island
77th - Cisco Vasquez - Successfully escaped the island
76th - Allen Birkman - Successfully escaped the island
75th - Isabel Guerra - Successfully escaped the island
74th - Mizore Soryu - Successfully escaped the island
73rd - Sarah Tan - Successfully escaped the island
72nd - Bridget Connolly - Successfully escaped the island
71st - Hui "Sarah" Xu - Successfully escaped the island
70th - Brendan Wallace - Successfully escaped the island
69th - Anna Chase - Successfully escaped the island
68th - Felicia Carmichael - Successfully escaped the island
67th - Andrea Raymer - Successfully escaped the island
66th - Garrett Hunter - Successfully escaped the island
65th - Harun Kemal - Successfully escaped the island
64th - Simon Telamon - Successfully escaped the island
63rd - Jeremy Franco - Successfully escaped the island
62nd - Jay Holland - Successfully escaped the island
61st - Eiko Haraguchi - Successfully escaped the island
60th - Acacia Salinger - Successfully escaped the island
59th - Michael Moretti - Successfully escaped the island
58th - Jennifer Perez - Successfully escaped the island
57th - George Leidman - Neck snapped by Maxwell Lombardi
56th - Morgan Leftowitz - Shot by Josie Vernon
55th - Sunil Savarkar - Blown up by Kris Hartmann
54th - Autumn O'Leary - Shot in the head by Kitty Gittschall
53rd - Maf Tuigamala - Shot in the head by Ema Ryan
52nd - Maxwell Lombardi - Shot off the edge of a mountain by Raidon Naoko
51st - Thea Kairos - Pushed into a danger zone by Ericka Bradley
50th - Kitty Gittschall - Stabbed to death by Garry Villette
49th - Alice Boucher - Shot in the chest by Julian Avery
48th - Julian Avery - Succumbed to stomach wounds inflicted by Maxwell Lombardi
47th - Quincy Jones - Shot by Aston Bennett
46th - Robert Barron - Collar detonation due to tampering
45th - Celeste Beaumont - Remained in a Danger Zone
44th - Garry Villette - Blown up by Kris Hartmann
43rd - Kris Hartmann - Stabbed in the back by Kimberly Nguyen
42nd - Rachel Gettys - Shot by Liam Brooks
41st - Neill Robertson - Shot by Liam Brooks
40th - Nathan Choultard - Shot by Liam Brooks
39th - Liam Brooks - Shot by Jason Harris
38th - Joe Rios - Bled out from wounds inflicted by Reiko Ishida
37th - Samya "Sammy" Franklin - Shot and crushed under shelves by Jimmy Brennan
36th - Jessica Pentangeli - Jumped off a cliff
35th - Janet Binachi - Shot by Hayley Kelly
34th - Trent Savage - Shot by Madeleine Smith
33rd - Fiona Sparki - Shot by Aaron Hughes
32nd - Mary-Ann Warren - Shot by Peter Siu
31st - Hayley Kelly - Shot by Ema Ryan
30th - Charlotte DuClare - Died of wounds inflicted by Naoko Raidon
29th - Teo Weinstock - Died of shrapnel wounds caused by a backfiring shotgun
28th - Imraan Al-Hariq - Shot by Ivan Kuznetsov
27th - Aileen Borden - Shot by Aaron Hughes
26th - Claire Lambert - Shot by Ilario Fiametta III
25th - Meredith Hemmings - Shot and neck crushed by Ema Ryan
24th - Alex White - Stabbed in the neck by Jimmy Brennan
23rd - Jimmy Brennan - Died of wounds inflicted by Alex White / killed in grenade explosion
22nd - Josie Vernon - Suicide via gunshot
21st - Jason Harris - Drowned in the ocean
20th - Nick LeMonde - Shot by Ema Ryan
19th - Josee Trembley - Shot by Ericka Bradley
18th - Peter Siu - Shot by Ema Ryan
17th - Zach Jamis - Throat cut by Ema Ryan
16th - Saul Fetteralf - Shot in the back by Aston Bennett
15th - Erik Laurin - Shot by Aaron Hughes
14th - Raidon Naoko - Died of wounds inflicted by Ema Ryan
13th - Rhory Anne Broderick - Suicide via gunshot
12th - Violet Druce - Shot by Madeleine Smith
11th - Aston Bennett - Shot by Aaron Hughes
10th - Madeleine Smith - Shot by Ericka Bradley
9th - Ema Ryan - Bled out from wounds inflicted by Saul Fetteralf
8th - Aaron Hughes - Shot by Ivan Kuznetsov
7th - Tabi Gweneth - Died of wounds inflicted by Aaron Hughes
6th - Leila Langford - Deliberately entered a Danger Zone
5th - Ericka Bradley - Shot by Reiko Ishida
4th - Reiko Ishida - Shot by Ilario Fiametta III
3rd - Ivan Kuznetsov - Shot by Ilario Fiametta III
RUNNER UP - Ilario Fiametta III - Suicide via gunshot
WINNER - Kimberly Nguyen

Kill RankingsEdit

13 Kills:

Maxwell Lombardi (Augustus MacDougal, Harold Fisher, Vera Osborne, Cody Jenkins, Daniel Blessing, Simon Grey, Marybeth Witherspoon, Marco Stonecastle, Duncan McMahon, Cassidy Wakemore, Kevin Harding, George Leidman, Julian Avery)

9 Kills:

​Reiko Ishida (Sally Connelly, Cyrille LaBlanche, Tobias Elwin, Raina Morales, Rizzo Vitoria, Carol Burke, Jimmy Robertson, Joe Rios, Ericka Bradley)

8 Kills:

Raidon Naoko (Scott McGregor, Alison Walworth, Maddy Stone, Victoria Logan, Jacob Charles, Roland Harte, Maxwell Lombardi, Charlotte DuClare)
Liam Brooks (Raine Schwarz, Ridley Landon, Colin Falcone, Vivien Morin, Örn Ayers, Rachel Gettys, Neill Robertson, Nathan Choultard)
Ema Ryan (Sapphire McLeod, Maf Tuigamala, Hayley Kelly, Meredith Hemmings, Nick LeMonde, Peter Siu, Zach Jamis, Raidon Naoko)

7 Kills:

Kris Hartmann (Reika Ishida, Amber Whimsy, Albert Lions, Janet Claymont, Roland Hayes, Sunil Savarkar, Garry Villette)
Hayley Kelly (Steve Barnes, James Mulzet, Jennifer Romita, Jason Clarke, Andrew Mitchell, Charlene Norris, Janet Binachi)
Ilario Fiametta III (Jackson Ockley, Etain Brennan, Timothy Skula, Kevin Warick, Claire Lambert, Reiko Ishida, Ivan Kuznetsov)

6 Kills:

Clio Gabriella (Chris Davidson, Petrushka Ivanova, Charles Dawson, Luke Templeton, Haruka Watanabe, Marybeth Witherspoon)
Nick Reid (Daniel Vaughan, Tom Guthrie, David Anderson, William Sears, Marty Lovett, Melissa Li)
Ericka Bradley (Frankie Watson, Jamie Li, Remy Kim, Thea Kairos, Josee Trembley, Madeleine Smith)

5 Kills:

Staffan Kronwall (Brent Shanahan, Alicia Murazek, Darren Locke, Evelyn Reed, Nik Kronwall)
Alex White (William Hearst, Rena Peters, Annaliese Hansen, Rosa Fiametta, Jimmy Brennan)
Aaron Hughes (Fiona Sparki, Aileen Borden, Erik Laurin, Aston Bennett, Tabi Gweneth)

4 Kills:

Peter Siu (Lucas Lupradio, Jessie Anderson, Jacquard Broughten, Mary-Ann Warren)
Jimmy Brennan (Phillip Ward, JJ Sturn, Samya Franklin, Alex White)

3 Kills:

Sarah Atwell (Eve Walker-Luther, Miranda Merchant, Christopher Carlson)
Rob Jenkins (Paige Strand, Lillian Hayes, Orpheus Campbell)
George Leidman (Dustin Royal, Gloria Benson, Tim Questiare)
Samantha Ridley (Simon Fletcher, Jackie Maxwell, Adrian Staib)
Madeleine Smith (Jonathan Jarocki, Trent Savage, Violet Druce)
Ivan Kuznetsov (Keith Christoph, Imraan Al-Hariq, Aaron Hughes)

2 Kills:

Alex Rasputin (Eric Lorenz, Robert Lerger)
Rachel Gettys (Theo Behr, Edward Belmont)
R.J. Lowe (Eva Lancaster, Rekka Saionji)
Fiona Sparki (Owen Rothschild, Staffan Kronwall)
Sebastian Decartes (Carly Dooley, Kayla McArthur)
Quincy Jones (Max Neill, Joshua Krakowski)
Bill Davis (Logan Reynolds, Marion Summers)
Janet Binachi (Everett Taylor, David Matson)
Felicia Carmichael (Sebastian Decartes, Tiffany Chanders)
Joe Rios (Mike Maszer, Alan Rickhall)
Simon Telamon (Tyler Franklin, Gracie Wainright)
Josie Vernon (Sierra Manning, Morgan Leftowitz)
Kitty Gittschall (Micheal Raynor, Autumn O'Leary)
Garry Villette (Jake Crimson, Kitty Gittschall)
Julian Avery (Omar Burton, Alice Boucher)
Kimberly Nguyen (Aislyn McCreery, Kris Hartmann)
Jason Harris (Tiffany Baker, Liam Brooks)
Aston Bennett (Quincy Jones, Saul Fetteralf)

1 Kill:

Omar Burton (Warren Brown)
Jackie Broughton (Maria Santiago)
Colin Falcone (Tony Russo)
Maria Graham (Francine Moreau)
Charlotte Cave (Jaclyn Krusche)
Jaclyn Krusche (Charlotte Cave)
David Matson (Vanessa Struthers)
William Hearst (Trevor Duncan)
Claire Lambert (Daniel Kensrue)
Alexander Seymour (Dominic Stratford)
Cisco Vasquez (Katelyn Wescott)
Nik Kronwall (Craig Hoyle)
Leila Langford (Hilary Strand)
Jacqueline Myrie (Lily Maclaughlin)
Ricky Fortino (Isaiah Garvey)
Sofia Martelli (John Smith)
Acacia Salinger (Roman Jackson)
Marty Lovett (Michelle O'Cain)
Tabi Gweneth (Clio Gabriella)
Courtney Bradley (Ben Powell)
Remy Kim (Alexander Seymour)
Charlene Norris (Kyle Portman)
Rhory Anne Broderick (William Davis)
Nick LeMonde (Mike Jeffries)
Stacy Hart (Kari Nichols)
Kari Nichols (Stacy Hart)
Alice Boucher (Sarah Atwell)
Bridget Connolly (Mia Kuiper)
Brendan Wallace (Steven Hunt)
Orpheus Campbell (Robert "Rob" Jenkins)
Teo Weinstock (Maxwell Crowe)
Harun Kemal (Rashid Hassan)
Alice Blake (Ash Morrison)
Aileen Borden (Milo Taylor)
Maf Tuigamala (Nick Reid)
Saul Fetteralf (Ema Ryan)

Suicides/Accidents/Collar detonations:

Remi Pierce (Collar detonated due to tampering)
Dallas Reynolds (Collar detonated due to tampering)
Megan Nelson (Mauled by a bear)
Dawne Jiang (Remained in a Danger Zone)
Rose Codreanu (Remained in a Danger Zone)
Chadd Crossen (Collar detonation through hard impact)
Violetta Lindsberg (Suicide via collar detonation)
Hermione Miller (Suicide via collar detonation)
Samaya Boen-Hilstrand (Bitten by a venomous snake)
Janet Victoriee-Ser (Fell into a river and drowned)
Deidre Paul (Drowned in the swamp)
Brock Mason (Suicide through setting off a rigged sniper rifle)
Robert Herrmann (Drowned)
Lily Ainsworth (Suicide through strangulation/collar detonation)
Ethan Kent (Collar detonation for camera tampering)
Daisuke Nagazawa (Collar detonated by Mr. Kwong under Danya's orders)
Lucy Ashmore (Collar detonated by Danya)
Alex Rasputin (Collar detonated by Danya)
Trent Hunter (Collar detonated by Danya)
Richard Han (Fell from mountain)
Alexander Seymour (Remained in a Danger Zone)
Feo Smith (Remained in a through Danger Zone)
Johnathan McDowell (Ran himself through on a sword)
Sofia Martelli (Suicide via collar detonation)
Courtney Bradley (Deliberately entered a Danger Zone)
Carla Conners (Collar detonation by Danya)
Rein Bumgarner (Crushed by falling boxes in the Warehouse)
Gary Griffith (Crushed by falling boxes in the Warehouse)
Madelyn Prowers (Suicide via collar detonation)
R.J. Lowe (Appendicitis)
Winnie Clark (Remained in a Danger Zone)
Liz Polanski (Shot by terrorists)
Alexander Campbell (Died from infected wounds)
Ricky Fortino (Remained in a Danger Zone)
Mirabelle Nesa (Shot by terrorist)
Francesca Fiametta (Remained in a Danger Zone)
David Meramac (Remained in a Danger Zone)
Dave Morrison (Dehydration)
Maria Graham (Died from infected wounds)
Jasper-Declan MacDermott (Collar detonation for straying out of bounds)
Helen Wilson (Blood loss)
Robert Barron (Collar detonated due to tampering)
Celeste Beaumont (Remained in a Danger Zone)
Jessica Pentangeli (Jumped off a cliff)
Teo Weinstock (Died of shrapnel wounds caused by backfiring shotgun)
Josie Vernon (Suicide via gunshot)
Jason Harris (Drowned in the ocean)
Rhory Anne Broderick (Suicide via gunshot)
Leila Langford (Collar detonated for entering danger zone)
Ilario Fiametta III (Suicide via gunshot)
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