The premise of Survival of the Fittest is simple in nature. Kill or be killed is the only rule. No time-outs, no out-of-bounds, everyone is open game. In a game as primal as this, there are bound to be casualties-of-war. Below, you can find a list of each student who has sacrificed his or her life to the program, which number they were to die, and who killed them.

The following is a list of everyone who has died thus far in SOTF version 5 in the order they died and how they were killed. This page is constantly updated as more students are killed so check back often.

Death OrderEdit

152nd - Dave Russell - Jumped off a cliff
151st - Gabriella Parker - Shot repeatedly by Theodore Fletcher
150th - Daniel Whitten - Shot in the head by Hansel Williams
149th - Dan Liu - Shot repeatedly by Theodore Fletcher
148th - Jason Meyers - Shot in the head by Joe Carrasco
147th - Kelly Peterson - Throat slashed by Katarina Konipaski
146th - David Zimmer - Fell from balcony when railing collapsed, due to an accidental shove from Cassidy Kant
145th - Sven Olsen - Bludgeoned by Iselle Ovalle-Vandermeer
144th - Michael Whaley - Stabbed by Amaranta Montalvo
143rd - Mark Little - Fell to his death inside a rollercoaster car
142nd - Francis St. Ledger - Pushed down the stairs by Megan Emerson
141st - Kaitlyn Williamson - Stabbed by Miranda Millers
140th - Becca Everett - Shot by Maximilian Sawyer
139th - Chuck Soileau - Struck by blade thrown by Miles Strickland
138th - Carmina Maliksi - Bled out from wounds inflicted by Joachim Lovelace
137th - Naomi Bell - Impaled by Summer Simms
136th - Venice Pennington-Johannes - Shot by Lana Torres
135th - Stacey Mordetsky - Pushed off a cliff by Yukiko Sakurai
134th - Luca Johanssen - Shot by Eliza Patton, then fell off a platform
133rd - Xavier Contel - Shot by Theodore Fletcher
132nd - Yasmin Carrol - Suicide via hanging
131st - Brandon Baxter - Suicide by grenades
130th - Rose Matheson - Stabbed by Michael Eastmund
129th - Lauren Rowe - Shot by Rutherford Roger Jr.
128th - Amy Bachelor - Drowned by Maximilian Sawyer
127th - Ilya Volkov - Shot by Maximilian Sawyer
126th - Lydia Robbins - Shot by Maximilian Sawyer
125th - Nina Clarke - Stabbed by Madeline Wilcox
124th - Joey Caputo - Collar explosion due to interference by Rosemary Michaels
123rd - Clayton Leven - Deliberately entered a Danger Zone
122nd - Tessa Blackridge - Collar explosion due to tampering
121st - Adonis Alba - Stabbed by Joachim Lovelace
120th - Mallory McCormick - Shot by Hansel Williams
119th - Brian Zhdanovich - Shot by Stephanie Chan
118th - Carlon Wheeler - Shot by Makatala So'oialo
117th - Alexandria Ripley - Shot by Makatala So'oialo
116th - Natali Greer - Head trauma
115th - Michael Eastmund - Bludgeoned by Cody Patton
114th - Natalia Kowalski - Caught in a Danger Zone
113th - Grace Faraday - Slashed with a knife by Jaquilyn Locke
112th - Matt Masters - Stabbed by Travis Webster
111th - Ray Gilbert - Beaten to death by Amaranta Montalvo
110th - Aria Samuels - Stabbed by Sean Mulcahy
109th - Katy Warren - Shot by Sunny Lee
108th - Kyle Fitzpatrick - Shot by Hansel Williams
107th - Alex King - Collar detonation
106th - Steven Salazar - Shot repeatedly by Katarina Konipaski
105th - Emily Rose - Shot in head by Maximilian Sawyer
104th - Maximilian Sawyer - Shot by Harry Hanley
103rd - Arthur Wells - Shot by Gabriel Lee
102nd - Gabriel Lee - Shot in head by Harry Hanley
101st - Harry Hanley - Died from wounds inflicted by Maximilian Sawyer
100th - Karen Idel - Collar detonation, caused by Gavin Hunter
99th - Gavin Hunter - Collar detonation by the terrorists
98th - Cyrus White - Collar detonated by the terrorists
97th - Megan Emerson - Collar detonated by the terrorists
96th - Sophie McDowell - Blown up by a grenade thrown by Summer Simms
95th - Alexander de Gaulle - Blown up by a grenade thrown by Summer Simms
94th - Summer Simms - Shot by Amaranta Montalvo
93rd - Yukiko Sakurai - Head trauma after being shoved by Jenna Rhodes
92nd - Sara Corlett - Beaten by Ami Flynn
91st - Bianca Howard - Shot by Theodore Fletcher
90th - Theodore Fletcher - Bludgeoned to death by Hansel Williams
89th - Lana Torres - Shot by Katarina Konipaski
88th - Brianna Battaglia - Overdosed on pills
87th - Michelle Wexler - Shot by Eliza Patton
86th - Paulo Abbate - Thrown over a bridge by Ian Williams
85th - Edgar Tolstoff - Stabbed by Travis Webster
84th - Jesse Jennings - Shrapnel wounds from collar detonation
83rd - Kat Tolstoff - Shot by Stacy Ramsey
82nd - Miranda Millers - Shot by Stacy Ramsey
81st - Jaquilyn Locke - Stabbed by Garrett Wilde
80th - Gwen O'Connor - Jumped off a cliff
79th - Casey Malkovich - Remained in a Danger Zone
78th - Cassidy Kant - Shot by Tyler Lucas
77th - Cassandra Black - Slashed with a scythe by Katarina Konipaski

==This is the halfway point in the game==

76th - Oscar Trig - Stabbed by Benjamin Ward
75th - Garrett Wilde - Stabbed in the back by Andi Victorino
74th - Chase Rodriguez - Shot in head by Katarina Konipaski
73rd - Garrett Cobbler - Shot by Eliza Patton
72nd - Sunny Lee - Stabbed by Joachim Lovelace
71st - Joseph Chaplin - Ran into weight bar
70th - Matthew Young - Bludgeoned by Claire Monaghan
69th - Meera Stele - Strangled by Alda Abbate
68th - Jack McDonald - Strangled by Jenna Rhodes
67th - Zoe Leverett - Suicide by drowning
66th - Jessica Sanders - Remained in a Danger Zone
65th - Adam Morgan - Stabbed by Maynard Francis Hurst
64th - Alice Gilman - Shot by Cody Patton
63rd - Rutherford Roger Jr. - Internal bleeding inflicted by Veronica McDonald
62nd - Veronica McDonald - Stabbed by Madeline Wilcox
61st - Logan Cadagon - Shot by Hansel Williams
60th - Rebecca Kiesling - Shot by Hansel Williams
59th - Cammy Davidson - Throat slashed by Sharon Elizabeth Austin
58th - Aileen Aurora Abdallah - Stabbed in the throat by Travis Webster
57th - Janie Sinneave - Throat slashed by Benjamin Ward
56th - Corey Esposito - Died from infected injuries
55th - Jessica Murphy - Suicide by drowning
54th - Benjamin Ward - Bled out from wounds inflicted by Joe Carrasco
53rd - Stephanie Wright - Beaten to death by Christopher Harlin
52nd - Darren Fox - Jumped off a shipping container
51st - Sharon Elizabeth Austin - Shot by Ruby Forrester
50th - Stephanie Chan - Beaten to death by Ian Valmont
49th - Ian Valmont - Remained in a Danger Zone
48th - Eliza Patton - Shot by Cody Patton
47th - Cody Patton - Shot by Eliza Patton
46th - Jenna Rhodes - Stabbed by Leona Van Kamp
45th - Rosemary Michaels - Strangled by Katarina Konipaski
44th - Rachael Langdon - Stabbed by Marcus Leung
43rd - Alda Abbate - Stabbed by Ian Williams
42nd - Carlos Lazaro - Head trauma from ball thrown by Kathryn Nguyen
41st - Kyran Dean - Shot by Joe Carrasco
40th - Ian Williams - Disemboweled by Mirabella Strong
39th - James Wade - Shot by Virgil Jefferson-Davis
38th - Iselle Ovalle-Vandermeer - Shot by Kathryn Nguyen
37th - Marcus Leung - Shot by Hansel Williams
36th - Timothy Abrams - Stabbed by Leona Van Kamp
35th - Deanna Hull - Died from wounds inflicted by Katarina Konipaski
34th - Phoebe Cho - Entered a Danger Zone
33rd - Maynard Francis Hurst - Shot by Ami Flynn
32nd - Paris Ardennes - Stabbed by Joachim Lovelace
31st - Cooper Komorowski - Throat slit by Tyler Lucas
30th - Joachim Lovelace - Shot by Ami Flynn
29th - Virgil Jefferson-Davis - Shot by Hansel Williams
28th - Christopher Harlin - Shot by Hansel Williams
27th - Claire Monaghan - Stabbed by Katarina Konipaski
26th - Owen Kay - Shot by Travis Webster
25th - Andi Victorino - Stabbed by Miles Strickland
24th - Miles Strickland - Shot by Andi Victorino
23rd - Stacy Ramsey - Shot by Amaranta Montalvo
22nd - Travis Webster - Caught in a Danger Zone
21st - Makatala So'oialo - Suicide via gunshot
20th - Leona Van Kamp - Shot by Hansel Williams
19th - Takeshi Yoshikawa - Chest slashed by Mirabella Strong
18th - Juhan Levandi - Disemboweled by Mirabella Strong
17th - Mirabella Strong - Shot by Hansel Williams
16th - Ruby Forrester - Shot by Ami Flynn
15th - Ami Flynn - Shot by Sean Mulcahy
14th - Sean Mulcahy - Shot by Gray Emerson
13th - Tyler Lucas - Shot by Matt Vartoogian
12th - Finn Grant - Bled out from wounds inflicted by Katarina Konipaski
11th - Michael Mitchellson - Accidentally shot himself
10th - Gray Emerson - Shot by Hansel Williams
9th - Joe Carrasco - Bled out from wounds inflicted by Hansel Williams
8th - Madeline Wilcox - Suicide via gunshot
7th - Kathryn Nguyen - Shot by Matt Vartoogian
6th - Matt Vartoogian - Shot by Katarina Konipaski
5th - Katarina Konipaski - Stabbed in the throat by Hansel Williams
4th - Joey Grey - Chest slashed by Amaranta Montalvo
3rd - Zubin Wadia - Shot by Hansel Williams
RUNNER UP - Hansel Williams - Bled out from wounds inflicted by Zubin Wadia
WINNER - Amaranta Montalvo

Kill RankingsEdit

15 Kills:

Hansel Williams (Daniel WhittenMallory McCormickKyle FitzpatrickTheodore FletcherLogan CadagonRebecca Kiesling, Marcus Leung, Virgil Jefferson-Davis, Christopher Harlin, Leona Van Kamp, Mirabella Strong, Gray Emerson, Joe Carrasco, Katarina Konipaski, Zubin Wadia)

10 Kills:

Katarina Konipaski (Kelly Peterson, Steven Salazar, Lana Torres, Cassandra Black, Chase Rodriguez, Rosemary Michaels, Deanna Hull, Claire Monaghan, Finn GrantMatt Vartoogian)

6 Kills:

Maximilian Sawyer (Becca Everett, Amy Bachelor, Ilya Volkov, Lydia Robbins, Emily Rose, Harry Hanley)

5 Kills: 

Amaranta Montalvo (Michael Whaley, Ray Gilbert, Summer Simms, Stacy Ramsey, Joey Grey)

4 Kills:

Theodore Fletcher (Gabriella Parker, Dan Liu, Xavier Contel, Bianca Howard)
Eliza Patton (Luca Johanssen, Michelle Wexler, Garrett Cobbler, Cody Patton)
Joachim Lovelace (Carmina Maliksi, Adonis Alba, Sunny Lee, Paris Ardennes)
Travis Webster (Matt Masters, Edgar Tolstoff, Aileen Aurora Abdallah, Owen Kay)
Ami Flynn (Sara Corlett, Maynard Francis Hurst, Joachim Lovelace, Ruby Forrester)

3 Kills:

Summer Simms (Naomi Bell, Sophie McDowell, Alexander de Gaulle)
Cody Patton (Michael Eastmund, Alice Gilman, Eliza Patton)
Joe Carrasco (Jason Meyers, Benjamin Ward, Kyran Dean)
Mirabella Strong (Ian Williams, Takeshi Yoshikawa, Juhan Levandi)

2 Kills:

Makatala So'oialo (Carlon Wheeler, Alexandria Ripley)
Harry Hanley (Maximilian Sawyer, Gabriel Lee)
Stacy Ramsey (Kat Tolstoff, Miranda Millers)
Jenna Rhodes (Yukiko Sakurai, Jack McDonald)
Madeline Wilcox (Nina Clarke, Veronica McDonald)
Benjamin Ward (Oscar Trig, Janie Sinneave)
Ian Williams (Paulo Abbate, Alda Abbate)
Kathryn Nguyen (Carlos Lazaro, Iselle Ovalle-Vandermeer)
Leona Van Kamp  (Jenna Rhodes, Timothy Abrams)
Tyler Lucas (Cassidy Kant, Cooper Komorowski)
Miles Strickland (Chuck Soileau, Andi Victorino)
Andi Victorino (Garrett Wilde, Miles Strickland)
Sean Mulcahy (Aria Samuels, Ami Flynn)
Matt Vartoogian (Tyler Lucas, Kathryn Nguyen)

1 Kill:

Iselle Ovalle-Vandermeer (Sven Olsen)
Megan Emerson (Francis St. Ledger)
Miranda Millers (Kaitlyn Williamson)
Lana Torres (Venice Pennington-Johannes)
Yukiko Sakurai (Stacey Mordetsky)
Rutherford Roger Jr. (Lauren Rowe)
Rosemary Michaels (Joey Caputo)
Stephanie Chan (Brian Zhdanovich)
Jaquilyn Locke (Grace Faraday)
Sunny Lee (Katy Warren)
Michael Eastmund (Rose Matheson)
Gabriel Lee (Arthur Wells)
Gavin Hunter (Karen Idel)
Garrett Wilde (Jaquilyn Locke)
Claire Monaghan (Matthew Young)
Alda Abbate (Meera Stele)
Maynard Francis Hurst (Adam Morgan)
Veronica McDonald (Rutherford Roger Jr.)
Sharon Elizabeth Austin (Cammy Davidson)
Christopher Harlin (Stephanie Wright)
Ruby Forrester (Sharon Elizabeth Austin)
Ian Valmont (Stephanie Chan)
Marcus Leung (Rachael Langdon)
Virgil Jefferson-Davis (James Wade)
Gray Emerson (Sean Mulcahy)
Zubin Wadia (Hansel Williams)

Suicides/Accidents/Collar detonations:

Dave Russell (Suicide by jumping off a cliff)
David Zimmer (Fell from balcony when railing collapsed)
Mark Little (Fell to his death inside a roller coaster car)
Brandon Baxter (Suicide by grenade explosion)
Clayton Leven (Entered a Danger Zone)
Tessa Blackridge (Collar explosion due to tampering)
Yasmin Carrol (Suicide via hanging)
Natali Greer (Head trauma)
Natalia Kowalski (Remained in a Danger Zone)
Alex King (Collar detonation)
Gavin Hunter (Collar detonation)
Cyrus White (Collar detonation)
Megan Emerson (Collar detonation)
Brianna Battaglia (Overdosed on pills)
Jesse Jennings (Shrapnel wounds from collar detonation)
Gwen O'Connor (Suicide by jumping off a cliff)
Casey Malkovich (Remained in a Danger Zone)
Joseph Chaplin (Ran into weight bar)
Zoe Leverett (Suicide by drowning)
Jessica Sanders (Remained in a Danger Zone)
Corey Esposito (Died from infected injuries)
Jessica Murphy (Suicide by drowning)
Darren Fox (Jumped off a shipping container)
Ian Valmont (Remained in a Danger Zone)
Phoebe Cho (Entered a Danger Zone)
Makatala So'oialo (Suicide via gunshot)
Travis Webster (Remained in a Danger Zone)
Michael Mitchellson (Accidentally shot himself)
Madeline Wilcox (Suicide via gunshot)
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