The premise of Survival of the Fittest is simple in nature. Kill or be killed is the only rule. No time-outs, no out-of-bounds, everyone is open game. In a game as primal as this, there are bound to be casualties-of-war. Below, you can find a list of each student who has sacrificed his or her life to the program, which number they were to die, and who killed them.

The following is a list of everyone who has died thus far in SOTF version 7 in the order they died and how they were killed. This page is constantly updated as more students are killed so check back often.

Death OrderEdit

159th - Abel Zelenovic - Bludgeoned by Paloma Salt
158th - Toby Underwood - Shot by Tirzah Foss
157th - Christine Bright - Throat torn out by Tyrell Lahti
156th - Beryl Mahelona - Throat cut by Nick Ogilvie
155th - Felix Rees - Shot by Tyrell Lahti
154th - Yuko Hayashibara - Stabbed by Katrina Lavell
153rd - Violet Quinn - Stabbed by Quinn Abert
152nd - Dante Luciano Valerio - Shot by Blaise d'Aramitz
151st - Benedict Murray - Head trauma inflicted by Justin Greene
150th - Phillip Olivares - Shot by Mikki Swift
149th - Terra Johnson - Shot by Mikki Swift
148th - Mikki Swift - Shot by Terra Johnson
147th - Bree Jones - Stabbed by Zachary Beck
146th - Sapphire Waters - Bled out from wounds inflicted by Lorenzo Tavares
145th - Danny Chamnanma - Stabbed and knocked off walkway by Quinn Abert
144th - Cammy Walker-Grimsley - Fell off the Lookout platform
143rd - Ron Kiser - Shot by Tirzah Foss
142nd - Kyle Harrison - Shot by Violet Schmidt
141st - Desiree Beck - Shot by Erika Stieglitz
140th - Kayla Harris - Stabbed by Nona Hart
139th - Jeremiah Anderson - Throat crushed by Nick Ogilvie
138th - Mercy Ames - Poisoned by Kelly Nguyen
137th - Regina Petrov - Shot by Caroline Ford
136th - Caroline Ford - Collar detonated for camera tampering
135th - Clayton Barber - Remained in a Danger Zone
134th - Reuben Walters - Stabbed by Teresa Rojas
133rd - Rhonda Lawson - Stabbed by Quinn Abert
132nd - Camila Cañizares - Shot by Michael Froese
131st - Blake Davis - Poisoned by Erika Stieglitz
130th - Ned Jackson - Shot by Quinn Abert
129th - Dolores Upton - Shot by Blaise d'Aramitz
128th - Alexander Brooke - Shot by Blaise d'Aramitz
127th - Cheridene Williams - Fell down a well
126th - Layla DeBerg - Shot by Violet Schmidt
125th - Emil Van Zandt III - Bludgeoned by Lorenzo Tavares
124th - Arjen Kramer - Knocked off a cliff by Marco Volker
123rd - Stepney Cruz - Stabbed by Quinn Abert
122nd - Tristan O'Hara - Stabbed by Adonis Cohen
121st - Bryan Merryweather - Shot by Claudeson Bademosi
120th - Ashlynn Martinek - Stabbed by Julien Leblanc
119th - Mackenzie Baker - Throat cut by Justin Greene
118th - Liberty Wren - Bludgeoned by Quinn Abert
117th - Ramsey Cortez - Strangled by Angie Cortez
116th - William Dover - Shot by Nia Karahalios
115th - Joanne Coleman - Shot by Blaise d'Aramitz
114th - Katie Agustien - Shot by Erika Stieglitz
113rd - Saffron Fields - Shot by Erika Stieglitz
112nd - Brandon Murphy - Shot by Zachary Beck
111th - Jessica Rennes - Jumped off the cliff
110th - Oliver Lacroix - Shot by Erika Stieglitz
109th - Tom Swift - Shot by Erika Stieglitz
108th - Richard Smith - Shot by Quinn Abert
107th - Ariana Moretti - Bled out from wounds inflicted by Marco Volker
106th - Coriander Silverman - Stabbed in the eye by Lucas Brady
105th - Nikki Nelson-Kelly - Entered a Danger Zone
104th - Gervais Frans Lambotte - Remained in a Danger Zone
103rd - Nathan Coleman - Beaten to death by Madison Springer
102nd - Meilin Zhou - Stabbed by Quinn Abert
101st - Bret Carter - Shot with a crossbow bolt by Claudeson Bademosi
100th - Dane Lennox - Shot by Lorenzo Tavares
99th - Mike Brown - Throat cut by Diego Larrosa
98th - Drew Woods - Shot by Declyn Grayson-Anthis
97th - Colin McCabe - Decapitated by Marco Volker
96th - Yuki Hayashibara - Shot by Erika Stieglitz
95th - Sal Bonaventura - Shot by Erika Stieglitz
94th - Demetri Futscher - Bled out from wounds inflicted by Erika Stieglitz
93rd - Lucas Brady - Head trauma
92nd - Aoi Mishima - Shot by Nia Karahalios
91st - Charelle Chernyshyova - Died of smoke inhalation due to fire set by Aditi Sharma
90th - Aditi Sharma - Collar detonated by the terrorists for setting fires
89th - Wyatt Carter - Shot by Tirzah Foss
88th - Tanisha Abbey - Shot by Erika Stieglitz
87th - Camille Bellegarde - Shot by Valerija Bogdanovic
86th - Marco Volker - Shot by Henry Sparks
85th - Jackson Sullivan - Bled out from wounds inflicted by Justin Greene
84th - Adele Jones - Collar detonated for camera tampering
83rd - Nia Karahalios - Bludgeoned by Justin Greene
82nd - Johnny Silva Ruiz - Bludgeoned by Justin Greene
81st - Lorenzo Tavares - Knocked off a balcony by Tyrell Lahti
80th - Roxie Borowski- Shot and stabbed by Michael Froese and Yuka Hayashibara

==This is the halfway point in the game==

79th - Quinn Abert - Stabbed by Arizona Butler
78th - Emeka Gibson - Strangled by Claudeson Bademosi
77th - Sven Vee - Fell from the waterfall
76th - Tony Acardi - Died from wounds inflicted by Paloma Salt
75th - Catherine Zier - Bled out from wounds inflicted by Michael Froese
74th - Parker Green - Shot by Ace Ortega
73rd - Axel Fontaine - Head trauma inflicted by Lorenzo Tavares
72nd - Adonis Cohen - Shot by Emmett Bunnell
71st - Cecil Salazar-Loveless - Bled out from wounds inflicted by Adonis Cohen
70th - Megan Summers - Throat cut by Blaise d'Aramitz
69th - Jeff Greene - Collar detonation caused by Max Rudolph
68th - Max Rudolph - Shrapnel wounds from collar detonation
67th - Amber Yates - Shot by Erika Stieglitz
66th - Billy Trevino - Shot by Blaise d'Aramitz
65th - Declyn Grayson-Anthis - Shot by Myles Roux
64th - Tonya Collins - Shot by Erika Stieglitz
63rd - Aliya Kimia Nemati - Shot by Justin Greene
62nd - Lizzie Lebowski - Suicide via gunshot
61st - Tirzah Foss - Stabbed in the eye by Ivy Langley
60th - Theo Walterson - Strangled by Camilla Bell
59th - Julien Leblanc - Shot by Blaise d'Aramitz
58th - Sean Leibowitz - Bludgeoned by Justin Greene
57th - Lucas Diaz - Shot by Erika Stieglitz
56th - Jonah Heartgrave - Shot by Michael Froese
55th - Sierra Cook - Stabbed by Willow O'Neal
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Kill RankingsEdit

13 Kills:

Erika Stieglitz (Desiree Beck, Blake Davis, Katie Agustien, Saffron Fields, Oliver Lacroix, Tom Swift, Yuki Hayashibara, Sal Bonaventura, Demetri Futscher, Tanisha Abbey, Amber Yates, Tonya Collins, Lucas Diaz)

8 Kills:

Quinn Abert (Violet Quinn, Danny Chamnanma, Rhonda Lawson, Ned Jackson, Stepney Cruz, Liberty Wren, Richard Smith, Meilin Zhou)

7 Kills:

Blaise d'Aramitz (Dante Luciano Valerio, Dolores Upton, Alexander Brooke, Joanne Coleman, Megan Summers, Billy Trevino, Julien Leblanc)
Justin Greene (Benedict Murray, Mackenzie Baker, Jackson Sullivan, Nia Karahalios, Johnny Silva Ruiz, Aliya Kimia Nemati, Sean Leibowitz)

4 Kills:

Lorenzo Tavares (Sapphire Waters, Emil Van Zandt III, Dane Lennox, Axel Fontaine)
Michael Froese (Camila Cañizares, Roxie Borowski, Catherine Zier, Jonah Heartgrave)

3 Kills:

Marco Volker (Arjen Kramer, Ariana Moretti, Colin McCabe)
Tirzah Foss (Toby Underwood, Ron Kiser, Wyatt Carter)
Tyrell Lahti (Christine Bright, Felix Rees, Lorenzo Tavares)
Claudeson Bademosi (Bryan Merryweather, Bret Carter, Emeka Gibson)

2 Kills:

Mikki Swift (Phillip Olivares, Terra Johnson)
Nick Ogilvie (Beryl Mahelona, Jeremiah Anderson)
Violet Schmidt (Kyle Harrison, Layla DeBerg)
Zachary Beck (Bree Jones, Brandon Murphy)
Nia Karahalios (William Dover, Aoi Mishima)
Paloma Salt (Abel Zelenovic, Tony Acardi)
Adonis Cohen (Tristan O'Hara, Cecil Salazar-Loveless)

1 Kill:

Katrina Lavell (Yuko Hayashibara)
Terra Johnson (Mikki Swift)
Nona Hart (Kayla Harris)
Caroline Ford (Regina Petrov)
Kelly Nguyen (Mercy Ames)
Teresa Rojas (Reuben Walters)
Julien Leblanc (Ashlynn Martinek)
Angie Cortez (Ramsey Cortez)
Lucas Brady (Coriander Silverman)
Madison Springer (Nathan Coleman)
Declyn Grayson-Anthis (Drew Woods)
Diego Larrosa (Mike Brown)
Aditi Sharma (Charelle Chernyshyova)
Valerija Bogdanovic (Camille Bellegarde)
Henry Sparks (Marco Volker)
Yuka Hayashibara (Roxie Borowski)
Arizona Butler (Quinn Abert)
Ace Ortega (Parker Green)
Emmett Bunnell (Adonis Cohen)
Max Rudolph (Jeff Greene)
Myles Roux (Declyn Grayson-Anthis)
Ivy Langley (Tirzah Foss)
Camilla Bell (Theo Walterson)
Willow O'Neal (Sierra Cook)

Suicides/Accidents/Collar detonations:

Cammy Walker-Grimsley (Fell from the Lookout platform)
Caroline Ford (Collar detonated for camera tampering)
Clayton Barber (Remained in a Danger Zone)
Cheridene Williams (Fell down a well)
Jessica Rennes (Jumped off the cliff)
Nikki Nelson-Kelly (Entered a Danger Zone)
Gervais Frans Lambotte (Remained in a Danger Zone)
Lucas Brady (Head trauma)
Aditi Sharma (Collar detonated for setting fires)
Adele Jones (Collar detonated for camera tampering)
Sven Vee (Fell from waterfall)
Max Rudolph (Shrapnel wounds from collar detonation)
Lizzie Lebowski (Suicide via gunshot)
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