Victor Danya (16th July, unknown year, unknown country - May/June 2008, unknown location) was the founder of the Arthro Taskforce and the main antagonist of the first four seasons of SOTF.

The main man, the big cheese, and all those other names we may use for the person who runs it all; Danya organizes version after version of Survival of the Fittest. While he's still fairly secretive about the personal aspects of his endeavors, you're always subject to his biting insults and sarcastic, sick humor. Danya is the guy who makes the announcements in the game, and even contributed a survival guide for V2.

While most aspects about the man are speculation, handlers have seen a few things that shed a bit of light on the main villain of this roleplay, including his actual appearance being shown in the v1 endgame. He does have a family, and even let Adam Dodd from V1 go home after being assaulted by the boy and being left with a scar on his face. According to the third V1 announcement, he also occasionally drops in on SOTF fan chatrooms as a hobby.

Throughout the course of V2, Danya is confirmed as being away from the terrorist HQ, although he still manages to make the announcements concerning the game. It has been confirmed that members of the "Big Four" provided him with information regarding the game. Toward the end of V2, it is assumed that Danya has returned to the terrorist HQ as his announcements and insults toward the students on the island become much more vivid than they had been throughout the game. Where Danya travelled to during the course of V2 has remained undisclosed, but he has been quoted as saying that the air was "particularly smoggy" there.

The finale of v3 reveals his first name to be "Victor".

In the later part of v4, during STAR's attack on the terrorist headquarters, Danya was shot to death by Dorian Pello. Jim Greynolds has taken at least temporary command of the organisation. Since Danya's death, his son Tracen Danya has joined the organisation, and has continued running the games as of v5.






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