Name West Island School
Type Private; High School
Location Hong Kong, China
Colors ---
Mascot ---

West Island School, also known as WIS, is a private international high school located in Hong Kong, China. During the eighth testing phase of the SOTF ACT, a group of tenth grade students were abducted from this school. Those students are as follows. Please note that all Asian names have been Americanized for convenience sake and are written in standard (first, last) order.

B01. Tung Wu
B02. Sheng Li Wong
B03. Chang Lou
B04. Enlai Chau
B05. Clay Rotunda
B06. Benjirou Nakamura
B07. Andrew "Drew" Jacobs
B08. Jiao-Long Soong
B09. Xiao-Ping Vong
B10. Keung Tse
B11. Yu Fung
B12. Mateo Greenway
B13. Aiman Ramesh
B14. Fridrik Bjorn
B15. Péng Gao


G01. Mei-Hua Li
G02. Akari Yamasaki
G03. Yamile Thiago
G04. Lu Chu Tsang
G05. Elaine Dureau
G06. Tai Sun
G07. Lin Lin Tsua
G08. Yun Choy
G09. Brynn Lovell
G10. Ayaka Saito
G11. Ching Lan Chee
G12. Chiyako Fujiwara
G13. Mei-Xing Lao
G14. Celene Quiros
G15. Vagdevi "Devi" Chauhan

AT Training ExerciseEdit

During the Seventh Announcement of V4, it was revealed that G09 Brynn Lovell had managed to survive the training exercise for Danya's taskforce as a member of STAR. The fate of the other students from the school is as of yet unknown.